Norton P-11 Project

Parker Performance has restored a dozen Norton P-11’s. Follow the evolution of a Norton P-11 restoration project by viewing the pictures. You may leave comments at the bottom of the page.

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  1. huw watkins says:

    Beauiful bike.

    Do you have any details on engine spacr positions for the p11?
    I am currently trying to reinstall mine.

    Kind regards

  2. Peter says:

    Very nice job.
    Do you have spare parts?
    I’m rebuilding mine from 1967′
    frame number starts 121…..
    Peter from holland europe

  3. Craig says:

    Great work Terry, Thanks for putting up this site for P11 info and inspiration. The engine install video is great. I sure like your Hydro honing results on the cast cases! The P11 picture set is wonderful.

  4. terry parker says:

    I have a chart on engine spacers

  5. Piero Di Nucci says:

    Dear Sir,
    please, can you let me know the correct position of the ixing pates pacers?.
    Thanks for helping e.
    Best regards.

  6. Craig says:

    Terry. Thank for the great work you did on my 1966 BSA Lighting. I like the hard work you did. And how you went out of the way with the work from the machine shop. Sorry about the mismatch cases. I would refer you to everyone . AAA work. Craig Rock

  7. Ian Carroll says:

    Hi Terry. It was good to talk to you earlier today. Looking forward to having my P11 motor and gearbox in your hands.

    Will phone you again towards the end of March to figure out when you’d like me to bring it down.

    All the best,


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